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All of our psychotherapists are intuitive and utilize intuition to varying degrees.  All therapists can give intuitive feedback and speak an intuitive language.

What is Intuitive Therapy?  
Intuitive Therapy is a form of integrative psychotherapy that utilizes intuition to uncover what the client senses but may not be consciously aware of.  Our therapists use their intuition in order to access this unconscious information and bring it to conscious awareness.  They work from an energetic; mind, body, spirit (holistic mental health) approach that assists the client to uncover, articulate, and release the source of the presenting problem.

How is Intuitive Therapy different from Traditional Therapy?

Intuitive Therapy differs from Traditional Therapy in that through using intuition and offering intuitive feedback, the therapist is able to access a deeper layer of consciousness that the client may already sense but may not be consciously aware of.  This is where the emotions are stored and where the client may feel "stuck".  Traditional Therapy often focuses on the conscious mind or what is already "known" by the client.  Traditional Therapy uses a more traditional language; Intuitive Therapy uses a more mindful and spiritual language, based upon energy.  Through Intuitive Therapy, the therapist guides the client deeper into the unconscious layers of stored emotions to bring to awareness what needs to be released.

Who may benefit from Intuitive Therapy?

Anyone seeking guidance or support in their life.  Clients do not need to know why they are feeling a certain way, only that they would like to feel differently.  Examples of concerns that bring people to therapy:  symptoms of anxiety and depression; phobias or fears; relationship issues; grief and loss; dissatisfaction with work, family, or personal relationships; body image and eating issues; spirituality; or any discomfort that they are feeling in life.

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