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What to expect the first appointment:

When you schedule your first session, your therapist or the office will email you a link to register for the client portal.  You will also receive an emailed confirmation that will include the office location information with your therapist contact information.   Once you register on the client portal, you will be able to review and complete the electronic intake forms prior to coming in for your first session.  Through the client portal, you will be able to request appointments, reschedule, and cancel appointments.  Please note:  You will need to contact your therapist directly for any scheduling changes or requests or use the client portal.  Each therapist manages their own schedule; scheduling requests are not completed through the main office phone number.  You will need to bring a photo ID, your insurance card and a credit card to your first session.  

In the first session, your therapist will ask questions about your background and go over the new client individual intake form which will have been completed in advance and will be available through the client portal.  In this session, you will discuss what you would like to get out of therapy and determine if your therapist feels like a good fit for you.  If for some reason you feel as though your therapist is not the best fit, please feel free to reach out to Rachel at the main office phone number at 651-387-5312 to discuss other therapist options.  Each office location has more than one therapist available.

Please review the cancellation and financial policy here:  


Intuitive Therapy & Consulting, LLC requires clients to keep a credit card on file to pay any balance due after insurance has paid (includes both primary and secondary insurance companies).   This card will be stored in a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system (EHR) and used only to charge the balance due on the client’s account (co-payments, co-insurance amounts and deductibles) and for the 24 cancellation policy (see cancellation policy below).  Please note that for deductible plans, the contracted rate with your insurance company will need to be paid at the time of service.  Once the claims process, if you end up overpaying, you will receive a refund to your credit card.  A HSA card is also required to be listed if the patient prefers to use this card to cover an insurance deductible.  You may arrange to submit payment by cash or check.  Payment is required at the time of service.  If payment is not made at the time of service, your stored credit card or HSA card will be charged the amount due not covered by insurance once an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) has processed.   Along with your credit card info, we will need to take a copy of your valid photo ID and insurance card that is required by law if you are using medical insurance.


IF USING CASH:  The licensed therapist rate is $150 per session.  The pre-licensed therapist rate is $90 per session.  Please ask your therapist if you would like to request a sliding fee, due to financial difficulty, which is based upon household income.

IF USING INSURANCE:  We do not verify insurance coverage information in advance.  It is the patient responsibility to inquire about your coverage and details of your plan.  If insurance becomes inactive or is rejected, we will collect the cash rate for the session or the insurance amount that would have been due.  This applies for all insurance including Minnesota Health Care Programs (Medical Assistance and MN Care plans).


Your credit card information is kept confidential.


 Please be aware that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  A fee of $135.00 for licensed therapists or $85 for pre-licensed therapists will be charged directly to your credit card on file if 24 hours’ notice is not received.  If you have a sliding fee, the cancellation fee will be the same rate as your sliding fee.  In the event of chronic cancellations or missed appointments, your therapist has the right to terminate treatment at any time and will provide referrals to you to continue treatment with another provider/clinic. 

Minnesota Health Care Programs (Medical Assistance and MN Care plans):  Please be aware that by Minnesota Law we are unable to charge a fee for cancellations.  For these state plans, after up to 2 late cancels or missed appointments, it is the therapist’s discretion to move to same day appointments only.  You will no longer be able to schedule out in advance and will be required to contact your therapist directly the same day you wish to make an appointment, which will be based upon therapist availability. 

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