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Please see subpage of cost of services for rates.


Therapy sessions are 53-55 minutes in length on average.  An initial session typically consists of an overview of the therapist's approach; the presenting challenges, issues, or symptoms; a brief family of origin description; and possible treatment options.  The number of sessions are determined by the client and the presenting need.   The client may be an individual, a couple, or members of a family.


For clients who are not able to make it into the office, phone consults and video sessions are available on a secure phone line (cell phone) and HIPAA compliant website.  Video sessions and phone consults are available for a full 45-55 minute session at the regular rate or sliding fee (based upon household income).  For clients who would like to use insurance for video sessions, most insurance companies cover this service.  Please call your insurance provider to confirm that your plan covers telehealth video and/or phone sessions. 


Rachel Greene, MA, LMFT is a Minnesota Board Approved Supervisor available for case consultation and private practice business consultation for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers and Psychologists.  $125 per hour.


Rachel is available for grief counseling for companies or businesses who have lost an employee to suicide or another type of sudden death.  Rachel can come onsite to the business to provide grief counseling for employees.  This service is billed at an hourly cash rate of $200 for time spent on site, which includes the cost of travel time/mileage to the worksite.


Rachel Greene, MA, LMFT offers business coaching services to small business owners and private practices to assist in creating balance, optimal abundance, and a vision of what the business owner wishes to achieve.  In addition, Rachel offers practical and detail-oriented guidance to address issues/concerns related to insurance, collecting payments, practitioner burnout, client population and beginning steps to open a private practice.  Rachel incorporates intuition in the coaching to channel in wisdom and guidance.  $125 per hour.


Rachel Greene, founder of Intuitive Therapy & Consulting, is now offering intuitive consultations.

What are Intuitive Consultations and how are they different from therapy?

Intuitive Consultations are intuitive sessions designed for those who feel stuck and would like clarity on something in their life that feels confusing or unclear.  Rachel will provide intuitive feedback related to soul growth, with the intent to assist in gaining clarity, and to have a deeper understanding of what may be blocking the path or causing confusion in life.  Rachel uses her intuition and channeling skills to bring to consciousness the information that is presenting.  Rachel is not psychic, and cannot offer predictions or any information of what is to come.

Intuitive Consultations are not designed to be used for therapy, but to enhance the therapy process already in place.  Therapy sessions provide weekly support, processing, and other deeper work such as trauma work.  Intuitive Consultations are mainly to receive intuitive feedback for clarity, and are not suitable for clients with open trauma or who are looking for extensive processing.  Intuitive Consultations would not be offered more than once per month per client.  Clients may only want one session, or a few sessions that would be spread out over a longer period of time.

Intuitive Consultations are not billable to insurance, nor are medical records kept.  Cost is $125 per hour, prorated in 15 minutes increments if a full hour is not needed, payable by credit card via square.  Sessions are provided over Zoom or phone.  Sessions are not recorded, but clients are welcome to take notes.  Intuitive Consultations are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1 and 4pm.

Please contact Rachel via email at if interested in scheduling, or with any questions.  Rachel may ask some initial questions to make sure that Intuitive Consultations are appropriate for the client.

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