Dear Clients,

The staff at Intuitive Therapy & Consulting would like to reassure you that your safety and psychological well-being are our top priority.  Our offices will remain open for in person appointments as well as telehealth telephone and video sessions as an important component of the healthcare system.  All of our locations are accepting new patient appointments at this time.  Please note:  some therapists are only seeing clients via telehealth, please see below.  During this time, please be assured that we are regularly disinfecting our waiting areas and offices throughout the day.  Hand sanitizer is stocked in each waiting area for client and staff use.  Our waiting areas have low to no foot traffic and easily able to accommodate 6 feet of social distancing during this time.  Our office spaces have ample room as well and are large enough to comfortably and safely sit at a distance for those clients who prefer to be seen in office.  All of our therapists are offering phone and telehealth video sessions as well to provide services for clients who need to stay home or prefer a session from home via technology.  We ask that all clients who are sick with any symptoms or have been around anyone sick request a telehealth session at this time.  In addition, our staff will not be coming into the office if they are sick, but instead will offer a phone or telehealth session.  This method of service delivery is also convenient for clients who have recently traveled or are at home with children.  We use a HIPAA compliant video platform through our client Therapy Portal, which is very intuitive and user-friendly.  HIPAA has been waived during the COVID-19 pandemic, so clients and staff are also able to use Face Time and other platforms if needed. and most other platforms can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Please note that the licensing board regulations only allow therapists to offer telehealth services to clients who live within the state of Minnesota.  Please note that individual therapists may do their own screening for level of exposure due to work or living environments to determine if telehealth would be the better option for ongoing appointment times.

Telephone sessions are covered at this time by all insurance companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are offering a reduced fee for those who are experiencing financial hardship and would prefer to opt out of insurance coverage due to high deductible plans.  Please inquire through the website.

We want to stress the importance not only of physical health and social distancing, but also of mental health during this time.  Our therapists are available to support your psychological well-being and self-care.  Many of our therapists specialize in grounding exercises, meditation, and /or mindfulness modalities that can be helpful in reducing anxiety and fear.  Regular mental health care can minimize the psychological impact of this pandemic as well as the impact of social isolation.  Feel free to reach out through the contact us tab or by calling the intake line at 651-387-5312.  Each therapist can schedule their own intake sessions as well and have their contact information listed on our Therapist Bio page.  Update as of March 2021:   Some of our therapists are only providing telehealth services at this time, however, several therapists in Golden Valley will be returning to the office part-time for in-person sessions beginning in April of 2021.    All other locations are seeing clients in-person.  Please visit the Therapist page with therapist photos that have the updates listed for each therapist.  All locations have telehealth appointments available.  We wish each of you love, light, and healing during this time.

Please read:  COVID-19 RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  Please note that for clients who are seen in office it is at your own risk.  In accordance with the state-wide mask mandate, please wear a mask to and from your office appointment.  You may wear a mask during your session if preferred.  Our therapists will take every precaution to disinfect the waiting areas and office spaces and will be social distancing.  Some therapists will not be wearing a mask during the session due to the nature of the work and the inability to show facial expression as this inhibits the therapeutic process.  You may ask your therapist in advance of your session to wear a mask if preferred, and your therapist will let you know if you will be required to wear a mask during your therapy session.  This would need to be a conversation between you and your therapist in advance of your session time.  Please use the hand sanitizer provided in the waiting areas when you enter and exit the office suites.  Thank you for your understanding and collaboration with all of us during this time.

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