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Rachel Greene, MA, LMFT, Board Approved Supervisor/Business Manager/Clinical Director is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of Intuitive Therapy & Consulting; located at the Golden Valley office.   She utilizes her intuitive and channeling abilities in sessions to assist in the healing process, and to help find the answers that lie within.   Rachel taps into inner wisdom and offers intuitive feedback to better understand what is happening and what would be helpful.  She is skilled at connecting with people and offers insight with compassion, authenticity, and a depth that resonates with the soul.  Rachel primarily works with individuals from an intuitive, holistic, and spiritual approach, that is neutral in nature and incorporates all faiths.  She specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, challenging family dynamics, workplace conflicts, grief & loss, learning to trust oneself and intuition, and spirituality.  Rachel is highly sensitive and also works with highly sensitive people around creating energetic boundaries in an overstimulating world.


Rachel has an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Adler Graduate School.  Prior to entering private practice, she was a Clinical Supervisor in an agency setting.  She is a Minnesota Board Approved Supervisor for LMFT, LPC, and LPCC and offers business consults/coaching to licensed therapists and is available to speak at seminars, workshops, and conferences.  It is her calling to assist people during their journey of growth while navigating through life's challenges.  She believes that we are always on our path and offers a safe space and spiritual guidance along the way.

Rachel is third-generation Ashkenzi Jewish.  Her father was born to Ukrainian and Lithuanian immigrants who spoke Yiddish as their first language.  Rachel has a vast knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture and strives to be culturally-sensitive and culturally-aware of all cultures and identities.  Outside of the office, Rachel enjoys reading, biking, exercising, walking her dog, spending time with her husband and son, and being out in nature, especially hiking in Sedona.

Rachel is not seeing therapy clients at this time but is open for intuitive consultations.  Please see Services tab to read more.

Rachel's direct phone number:  651-387-5312.

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